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Shoulder Injury Prevention In Sports

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The single most important predictor for shoulder pain, shoulder injury, and shoulder performance in all athletes is the status of their rotator cuff. Therefore, the cornerstone for any arm care and shoulder performance improvement is to strengthen the rotator cuff. However, the root cause for shoulder injury is a result of motor “control”, not motor “weakness”. Therein lies the difference between strengthening a muscle versus training a muscle.

The following articles will shed light on rotator cuff functional anatomy, shoulder biomechanics and pathomechanical causes for shoulder failure in different sports. With an understanding of the rationale behind ShoulderSphere motor pattern simulation training technique, those who train with ShoulderSphere will surely live up to the phrase – “it’s not how hard you train, but how smart you train”!

ShoulderSphere is the toughest rotator cuff exercise device loved by all athletes.

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