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The Key to Great Sports Performance

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The Key

Shoulder movement is the result of LARGE and SMALL muscles working in a synergistic fashion. LARGE muscles function as the primary power-movers of the shoulder; while the SMALL muscles stabilize and control the movements of the shoulder. SMALL muscles are weaker than the LARGE muscles. Since any chain is only as strong as its weakest link; ergo, the shoulder is only as strong as its weakest SMALL muscle. Shoulders blow out just like race cars skid out. Not that the race cars do not have a powerful enough engine but that the cheap tires can’t grip the track. So is the reason for failure in the shoulder – not that the LARGE muscles are not strong enough; but the stabilizing SMALL muscles are too weak. Shoulders fail when the SMALL muscles fail. THE KEY TO GREAT SPORTS PERFORMANCE is to outlast your opponent by strengthening your shoulder’s weakest link – the SMALL rotator cuff muscles! A stronger rotator cuff will enhance the overall strength and endurance of the shoulder. Teams don’t win championships because of their strongest player; but will lose because of their weakest player. Strengthen your shoulder by strengthening its weakest link – the rotator cuff muscles!

A Paradigm Shift in Rotator Cuff Strengthening

Shoulder strengthening exercises as we know them today are all based on four unidirectional, LINEARLY driven movements. These unidirectional movements of the push, the pull, the press, and the lift focus primarily on one set of muscles groups at a time. This is inefficient, time consuming and prone to an imbalanced muscle workout. Muscle imbalance of opposing muscle groups predispose to injury. Contemporary rotator cuff strengthening exercises try to selectively train the rotator cuff via the so called external or internal rotation exercises. But the basic movement is still linearly based and focus on either the front or the back shoulder muscles , one at a time. A PARADIGM SHIFT IN ROTATOR CUFF STRENGTHENING is to train and strengthen ALL the rotator cuff muscles SIMULTANEOUSLY in a MULTIDIRECTIONAL manner via CIRCULAR movement. This circular simultaneity move assures a more balanced muscular workout. Train the rotator cuff muscles functionally by simulating what the function of the rotator cuff is — to rotate the shoulder. By selectively engaging the shoulder in rotational movements , the ShoulderSphere converts the usual secondary stabilizer rotator cuff muscles into primary movers of the shoulder; while converting the usual primary larger muscles into secondary stabilizers to aid in rotation of the shoulder. This selective isolated training of ALL the rotator cuff muscles SIMULTANEOUSLY in a MULTIDIRECTIONAL manner by CIRCULAR rather than LINEAR movement is the future of rotator cuff strengthening. Train smart. Train safely with efficiency and effectiveness!

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