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Therapy – Rehabilitation Program

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This is a 10 week rehabilitation program for any individual recovering from injury or surgery. This program can be initiated whenever the patient is released by their treating doctor to start ACTIVE RANGE OF MOTION, or STRENGTHENING exercises. Proceed gradually. Stop when experiencing any pain or discomfort. Part of the early training process is neuromuscular recruitment of training of the brain to train the rotator cuff muscles to work in a coordinated simultaneous manner to rotate the ball inside the ShoulderSphere. This is balanced strengthening of all the rotator cuff muscles at the same time.

Use the F2 ShoulderSphere.

Video instructions of exercise workouts and techniques can be viewed HERE.

Phase ONE — first 2 weeks
Static workout — position 1 x 15-30 seconds
position 2 x 15-30 seconds
position 3 x 15-30 seconds

Do 2 sets each session, twice a week. If this becomes fairly easy, then may lengthen the duration in each position up to 60 seconds , allow at least 24 hour recovery time in between.

Phase TWO — 3-6 weeks
Static workout — positions 1 to 5 each 15-30 seconds

Individuals only need to raise their arms to the level of discomfort and not force to raise their arms beyond the level that they are able to raise their arms to.

Do 2 sets each session, twice a week. If this becomes fairly easy, then may increase the duration at each position as tolerated, still allow 24 hour recovery time in between.

Phase THREE — 7-10 weeks
Dynamic workout — one set of each
ER – IR belly button to neutral and back to belly button 3-5 reps
Front push – pull 3-5 reps
D2 diagonal (move of hand from opposite side pocket diagonally across body and overhead) 3-5 reps
Lateral raises – side pocket up to shoulder height abduction 3-5 reps
90-90 – 3-5 reps

This video as a guide —
(90-90 exercise as additional optional exercise move)

Do 2 sets each session , twice each week. If this becomes fairly easy, then may do up to 10 reps of dynamic back and forth movements, still allow 24 hour recovery time in between.

Thereafter, the patients are encouraged to maintain their rotator cuff health on their own. Or pursue further functional strengthening as in Phase FOUR —

Phase FOUR — 11 weeks and on
Functional Training — simulation of activities — may be creative with activities — eg –
Lifting carry-on luggage to overhead bin on the plane – 5 reps
Grabbing shoulder belt and pull across the body – 5 reps
Reaching to back seat of the car to get grocery bag – 5 reps
Vacuum cleaner – front and back – 5 reps
Washing one’s hair – 5 reps
Moving a pot left to right, right to left – 5 reps
BONUS — add ER – IR, Front push – pull, Diagonal, Lateral raise, 90-90

These exercises may be creative in terms of freedom of motion of the arm into any direction— multidirectional training.
May do up to a total of 40 moves once a day.  This can be a long term maintenance with exercise 3 times a week of 40 reps of multidirectional strengthening.


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