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ShoulderSphere is a unique and ingenious rotator cuff exercise device of the 21st century.

The future of rotator cuff exercise is performed not by pulling rubber bands nor lifting dumbbells but by smart exercise. Smart exercise is to selectively isolate all 4 rotator cuff muscles in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Using science, physics, and 21st century knowledge of functional rotator cuff anatomy; ShoulderSphere is the only device in the world that strengthens and trains all four of the rotator cuff muscles in a simultaneous and multidirectional manner.

This is achieved by two essential components of the ShoulderSphere —

1) The wrist is to be immobilized against the splint securely so as to isolate your rotator cuff workouts 100%. Only your rotator cuff can “rotate”, and

2) Maintain smooth rotation of the ball inside the globe. No bouncing. When the ball bounces, this is immediate biofeedback that your rotator cuff has just gotten shut down. Maintain constant controlled rotation – do not let your rotator cuff disengage.

More details are included in the following PDF’s.

Instructions – Does It Matter Which Way the Ball Spins

Instructions – How To Use ShoulderSphere F2

Instructions – How To Use ShoulderSphere A7

Instructions – How To Use Coaching Rings

Instructions – How To Use Power Tracker and Battery

Instructions – Rehabilitation Techniques Using ShoulderSphere

Instructions – FAQ Baseball / Softball

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