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ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker™

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“Personalized Performance Tracker”

What The ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker™ Does

When attached to the ShoulderSphere, the ShoulderSphereSmart Performance Tracker™ measures and logs each workout session. The current ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker™ displays in real time the power of workout of the rotator cuff muscles. Coming soon, is the second generation ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker™ where the user may sync data to the computer or smartphone to create a performance log for each session in order to gauge improvement in measurable terms. It measures the effort, intensity of workout, and total time. This is most suitable for tracking outcome measurements and individual improvement.

The ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker™ shows the correlation between the number of muscular contractions in cycles per second ( Hertz ) with the revolutions per second that the user actually generates by working out with the ShoulderSphere. This measures the effort by the user as reflected by the revolutions per minute ( RPM ) attained during each workout session.

How The ShoulderSphere Smart PerformanceTracker™ Motivates

The indicator light has been calibrated into green or red.

The ShoulderSphere Smart PerformanceTracker™ has an LED light that turns green when the RPM is between 10 and 320 for an easy maintenance level workout, and gives the user a visual cue that he or she is within the “training zone” target. The LED light turns red to indicate a higher intensity level of workout by the user with RPM greater than 320. This serves as a personal coach for, and motivates, higher level competitive athletes who want to maximize their workout effort. The challenge is to maintain a smooth spin of the ball throughout the entire workout program while keeping the LED in red, which is a “competitive target zone”.

Translational Activity-Specific Equivalents

Data generated by the ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker becomes meaningful when correlated to the specific activity that the user wants to do.

Based on bio-metric data of any individual user ( user height and weight ), a propriety algorithm calculates the exact workout needed to achieve specific workout goals.

This goal oriented and activity specific tracker correlates with the anticipated cumulative force required by the rotator cuff to do the work of a particular event. For example, a pitcher throwing a baseball at 90 mph for 80 pitches, a triathlete swimming 2.4 miles in 2 hours 15 minutes, or boxer throwing 500 punches in a fight.

The ShoulderSphere Smart Performance Tracker™ will translate all the data into a goal focused training program, and helps the user train intelligently with focused intensity.

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