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Proprioception: Train Your Brain to Train Your Muscle

The graceful backhand by tennis great Roger Federer, the intimidating sizzling fastball by Nolan Ryan, and the effortless execution for a perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars routine by Nadia Comaneci all epitomize impeccable performances of skill and perfection of unparalleled proprioception at5a work. Proprioception is how the body moves. How the body moves is the summation of how the brain controls and adjusts movements in the body; It is reflex and coordination. All movements for our daily functional activities require proprioception. From the basic task of walking to fine motor skills all require proprioception. Sports performance is no exception for demanding fine tuned proprioception. The higher the level of execution, the greater the need for proprioception.

The ShoulderSphere rotator cuff strengthening program is based on the principle of rotational 5movements in the shoulder rather than linear movements commonly used in the usual shoulder strengthening exercises. In order to create a smooth rotational movement of the ball within the sphere of the ShoulderSphere apparatus, the surrounding shoulder muscles must rapidly activate and de-activate in a well-coordinated sequential order up to 350 times per minute. This synchronized muscular contraction and relaxation in tandem with the brain sensing and responding to the movement and position of the spinning ball trains the brain to train the rotator cuff. The faster the ball spins, the greater the demand for proprioception. The reward of ShoulderSphere training is enhanced coordination and increase strength of the rotator cuff muscle group.

Enhanced proprioception is more effective for athletes’ performance than the amount of weight they can lift.