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Non-U.S. Orders

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Thank you for ordering!

Due to expensive shipping charges for orders outside the US, we have arranged a method for you to keep that extra charge as low as possible, and in certain cases, no charge!

Here is what you do —

(1) Sign on to this link – to “create” a “working U.S. address”.

Here is some information you might need for Shipito —

(A) for large ShoulderSphere A7 –
Each individual item box-piece —-
Box weight 1.75kg
Box dimensions 38.1cm x 19.7cm x 17.1cm

(B) for small ShoulderSphere F2 —-
Each individual box-piece —
Box weight 0.96kg
Box dimensions 34.3cm x 15.25cm x 12.1cm

(C) Coaching Rings —-
Currently Unavailable
Each individual box-piece —
Box weight 800gm
Box dimensions 41cm x 17cm x 6.5cm

(2) You then go back to the store and place your order as a “US order” by clicking “Add to Cart from the product page”.

(3) Put in the “working address” that you have created with “Shipito” as your shipping address.

(4) Complete your order. Your billing address will be your real billing address.

(5) Amazon will ship the product to the “working US” address you have created.

(6) Shipito will receive at that address and then forward the product to you.

This service is designed to reduce up to 80% of international shipping costs.

Use the standard option in Shipito so you pay no fees.

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